- All names and such have been changed.

 - I do not mean any offense to anyone. None at all. If I do offend you, I am very truly sorrythis will probably be the only time I say sorry in fear of having to apologize all the time. This is all my opinion (some facts) and views (mine and possibly others') that I choose to share. I really mean no offense to anyone but I can be really insensitive without meaning to. And yeah. So, again, I'm sorry.

- I try to be as accurate as possible and not give false information, but not all facts are 100% true. If you fail a social studies assignment or something due to misinformation gained from my blog, too bad. You've been warned.

 - So... I'll be eternally grateful to anyone who corrects me when I get my facts mixed up.

- If you don't like my blog, don't read it. This is mostly for myself and is a way of expressing myself and letting out my frustrations on society, the world, and life in general. Reflecting on my life. Sharing bits and pieces of myself. In reality, I'm a pretty private person so I feel like I need an outlet.

- Again, a lot of this blog is my opinions and views. To me, they're facts so I won't write things like 'I think' or 'I believe' before stating my opinion thing. For example, instead of 'I think hunting for sport should be illegal', I'll write 'Hunting for sport should be illegal'. This is because if I did, it'd be like making apologies all the time for just sharing my thoughts to the people who choose to read. I'd be saying it so many times that it'd get really annoying to both read and write. Anyways, I think they should be facts.

- All quotes/poems/etc. that have no author listed are mine.   

- Warning: I've been known to be blunt, insensitive, and annoying. My bad.

- I really hope no one else finds out my identity because if someone in my real life reads this blog and finds out it's me, I'll be absolutely mortified. There are some things in here I'd never share to anyone I know in the real, non-virtual world. This blog is kind of like therapy for me. In a way.