01 December 2011

Originality is So Last Century

Well, I'm upset. I've thought of a bunch of different, and what I think cool and original, names for this blog but nada. They're all taken. Every single one of them. And I had like 50 ideas. This is really frustrating. I think the world just as one billion too many people in it. If you think you have an original idea, think again! It's out there somewhere, trust me.

25 November 2011

It's... Turkey Day!

Well... actually it's not. But I still consider 12 o'clock the day before. Five is when a new day actually starts.

Back to the topic. I really love Thanksgiving because I can go around acting like a total nutcase and screaming 'thank you' to everyone everywhere and they'll just think that I'm just really festive. Or a total nutcase. But seriously, I love Thanksgiving. I can eat and eat and eat and eat. Like I usually do. And although I have an unnatural and considerably unhealthy love for mashed potatoes and gravy, I only eat it on Thanksgiving. So screw you, turkey. Mashed potatoes drowning in gravy will always mean Thanksgiving to me.