16 April 2012

Reasons for Birth Control
1. Hormonal problems like severe cramps, bleeding, mood swings, etc that are both really annoying and prevent women from performing in daily activities.
2. Prevent unwanted pregnancies=less abortion
3. Help women GET pregnant (believe it or not)
4. Other reasons that I will fill in when I have more time.

People who Use Birth Control
1. Paranoid (for good reason) people who don't want to get pregnant from possible rape.
2. Women with one too many children or who do not want children. Ever.
3. Women not ready for children.
4.  many other people...
The thing is, birth control does not mean one is promiscuous. Many women saving themselves for marriage use it for various reasons. Many girls and women who aren't planning on engaging in sex anytime soon use it. And many women who are promiscuous or have sex in loving, exclusive relationships use it, too. And what is wrong with being promiscuous?

And did anyone notice how almost everyone who bashes contraceptives don't say anything about condoms?
Why? It's guy-oriented.

And many people who are in loving, exclusive relationships (like marriage) use contraceptives (like birth control) because they don't want children right now or ever (whatever their reasons may be). And why should they be involved in insurances? They may not be able to afford it. By keeping these things on insurance plans, it's not promoting promiscuity. It's promoting safe sex and the choice to have a child when one wants one. It can be interpreted as America saying, look. Abortions happen. It's just a fact. Even if we abolish it, it's going to happen illegally. So here's our step into trying to prevent abortions.

Go Birth Control.

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Banning PRIVATE Insurance Companies from Providing Insurance in Abortions?

Abortions. Not just for sluts.
For mothers and wives with one too many children.
For women who do not WANT children. Period.
For women and girls that have been raped/date raped/whatever.
For women who just aren't ready for motherhood right now.
For fetuses with health problems.
For women who could die from child birth.
And a BUNCH of other reasons.
It's a second chance for the (not traditional) American dream. An opportunity.
A choice.


Anyways, I don't think the government should have a say on PRIVATE insurance companies. PRIVATE. And abortion should be affordable for all.

More on abortion later. I'm too busy/lazy/hot right now.

09 April 2012

The Surest Way to Stop Rape

Cut off men's penises and sew up people's buttholes and vaginas.

Not to be crude, but I'm pretty sure that's the only way to stop rape 90%. But that's probably illegal. The butt hole and cutting off penises thing also solves rapes on men! So... win-win. But this is never going to happen, so let's get real.

Rape is 100% the rapists fault.

Does it matter that I want to look sexy and confident by wearing fuck-me heels and a tight, short dress? Or that, it being a really hot day in a really stuffy club, I chose to wear short shorts and a tank top so I won't die of heat stroke.

It's one thing if I enthusiastically nod my head when a man asks me to have sex with him, drunk or not. It's another if I murmur no or have no idea what's going on when a man is trying to stuff his penis up my vagina. And a completely different thing if a someone drags me into a dark alley and forces his penis up my vagina or butt hole.

By blaming me, for wearing said short, tight dress and fuck-me shoes, you're saying that a rapist is completely justified in grabbing a man wearing a speedo and fucking him up his ass. Or grabbing a teenage boy in tight jeans and a v-neck shirt that shows off his muscular chest and going forth in forcing his penis up his teenage butt hole.

So in no way should the victim be blamed for being raped. At all. Unless your prepared to also blame that teenage boy, because, that v-neck shirt and butt-hugging Levis? They're the male-equivalent to that formfitting stripper dress. Or what if he was running home, all hot and sweaty, shirtless and with basketball shirts on when he was grabbed and dragged into a dark alley.

Was it the victim's fault?

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