01 December 2011

Originality is So Last Century

Well, I'm upset. I've thought of a bunch of different, and what I think cool and original, names for this blog but nada. They're all taken. Every single one of them. And I had like 50 ideas. This is really frustrating. I think the world just as one billion too many people in it. If you think you have an original idea, think again! It's out there somewhere, trust me.
Or, someone has thought of it already but didn't share. Either way, seemingly no ideas are original anymore. Except Google.
But that's taken too!

My blog seems to be the only one named Enjoying the View but I bet somewhere in the world, in the far corners of Siberia, there is a little old granny with the same blog title and she's reading this now (wishful thinking on my part) and saying 'Damn. This chick stole my blog title!' Except... you know, in Russian. 
(Черт. Этот птенец украл мое название блога! - Chert. Etot ptenets ukral moe nazvanie bloga!)

Alright, alright! I'll change the damn title. Not.

So I'm going to explain the name of my blog. At first, it was just something that popped up in my head and to me, it meant to just sit down and see the view. Like, actually see it. Not just glance and shrug (mentally) and say, 'Seen it. Let's move on.' The French actually have a word for thisflâneur. It means to actually observe and 'enjoy the view' instead of just going from point A to point B. Aimless strolling (Aimless Musings as blog title? Damn. Taken). Anyways, I want to go flâneuring now. In Paris maybe (Ha! Yeah, right.).

And the title now also has a different meaningpoints of view. To observe different points of view. Or mine, more like. Maybe I'll introduce other views. Anyways, this is about my views and I hope you enjoy them. I try to understand and tolerate (if not accept) different people's views, as long as they tolerate mine, and I try not to judge them. I really dislike when people automatically judge people with no actual knowledge of why someone did, or say, what they did, or said.  But then again, being too trusting and nosy isn't the best idea either.

So everyone who is reading this (which I doubt is more than moi), I hope you enjoy the view.

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