01 April 2012

I've Fallen in Love...

With shoes.

My whole life I've bounced from being a tom boy to an average girl but now I am irrevocably an average girl, toeing the line (with my gorgeously clothed foot) between average and girly. And I'm okay with it.

Cause I fuckin' love shoes and there is no going back. Ever.

Which is kind of weird... because I'm a bare feet type of gal. I'd go around school with my Adias foamy sandals in hand and go sliding around the halls with only my socks on. And I'd use any excuse to take my shoes off, no matter how comfy they are. I just like the freedom. And I still do. But I want them so bad! Even if I know I'll only wear them 50% of the time, if even that. I just love looking at shoes. They're like my porn. No, they are my porn. I'm not even kidding.

I've always loved walking in heels. High high heels. I'd be shoe shopping with my mom and see a pair of ghastly high heels and have to put them on. So being the impulsive little brat I was, I would. Then proceed to walk (and run) around the store with them on. They were so fun.

So maybe I was born to love 'em. Or maybe my love for shoes stems from the fact that growing up, I could never have them because of the lack of money in my household. This is kind of sad, I think, but right now is when I have the most amount of shoes at one time in my whole life... which is five. Till now, I usually only had two or three. Maybe even four, but I doubt it.
One are horseback riding boots (which I can only wear once a week), two sandals (one which is ripped and torn and another which inspired me to write this. I just bought them and even if I'm going to outgrow then by next year, I don't give a shit! They're so fuckin' adorable!), one pair of sneakers (too small, I think. I should go check), a pair of knock-off converses from H&M (again, too small...), and a pair of Vans (love 'em!).

Anyways, I had never cared that all my friends had way more shoes than me. In fact, I still don't really care. But I just want more fricking shoes because I've fallen head over heels (heh heh. I made a pun.), no going back, fucking in love with them! I want them. I want them. I want them. And if I have to work two jobs and break another NY state law by working over whatever hours a week, I don't care. I'm gonna do it. And then buy more shoes.

So watch out DSW. I'm gonna tear you apart!

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