30 May 2012

Sexual Assault Among Soldiers

I feel like an idiot. I always thought I was rather cynical in regards to the general badness of all humans regardless of career, race, gender, etc. I always thought I was a bit paranoid and suspicious. And I am. I've wondered before on the prominence of sexual harassment in the military and army. And even I, someone who does not believe that all soldiers are heroes (more on this later), dismissed this thought.

Society has brainwashed me into believing the heroism and moral goodness of soldiers, people who have been proven to literally sell women into pretty much prostitution. Who cover up their own crimes and so on. How could I dismiss the thought that sexual assault would be so prominent in a career where men outnumbered and usually were in higher positions than women who were usually miles and miles away from their home?

from Unbreakable Project

Yes. That's right. There is sexual assault against women (and probably men, too) in the military. And not the military of a country where women are being oppressed either, but here in the United States. The military, army, marines, etc that we are so proud of. And not only when soldiers are stationed in other countries, either. Sexual assault by soldiers against their fellow lady soldiers is happening here. On home ground. And it hasn't been so much as acknowledged by the general public, or even the government. Until now... kind of.

I have never been so disappointed in the Democrats. (But remember, the Republicans haven't been good about this either.)

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