26 May 2012

Beware of What You Wear?

I'm pretty sure I've covered this before, but I'm going to say it again. Stop with the victim blaming! Rape is not caused by the short skirt and tight tank. It's not caused by the double shot of tequila, nor by the bedroom eyes cast around the room. It is caused by... dun dun DUN~ Rapists!

By blaming (and/shaming) the teenage, or middle-aged, or whatever aged women for being raped, simply because she was dressed a bit provocatively, or because she's just naturally sexy, is not right. That's like blaming the man wearing the tight v-neck tee (or not wearing a shirt at all) and sexy Levis for being butt raped, or raped by a woman (it happens). But guess what! No one ever blames the guy (and they shouldn't). Why? Because the guy in the provocative and sexy clothing is well, a guy!

By not blaming the guy for getting rape is the right way of thinking! We should transfer that way of thinking onto women victims, too. Why? Because that's the way we should be thinking! It's not only women who can seduce their partners. Men can and do, too. So by insisting that the female victim of the rape is somehow in the blame, for being sexy, it can be said that men are, too. Because men can be mouthwateringly delicious as well.

fuck me... please

But are they in the blame? No. And they shouldn't be. But neither should women.

Do you see my logic?

And rape isn't always about one's physical attraction to another. It can also, and usually is, a mind thing. It can be a need, or desire, to dominate another by sexual and abusive means. Many heterosexual, male serial killers raped their man victims to feel powerful. Not because of their repressed attraction towards males.

And by blaming and shaming the women for the rape makes women less willing to bring this injustice to the officials. And rapists get a jail free card. It is also alleviating some of the blame from the true suspects. The rapists. They get off some time. Sometimes they get off completely. Do we really want a society that's rampant in morally disturbed rapists that in the eyes of the law, aren't rapists?

I'd like to know that if I felt like getting sexy and all dressed up, I could. Without fear of attracting the attentions of a rapist. I shouldn't have to worry that if I get slightly tipsy, if not completely plastered, I'll be tricked into a shady alley to get fucked by a man who got off jail time and is now more brazen and confident about not getting convicted. And it'd be absolutely great to know that if I did so happened to be raped, I could get the justice I deserve, even if I may have been dressed a bit 'slutty' and regardless of if I am or am not a 'slut'.

It'd be a wonderful world, I think, if I didn't have to worry about any of that.

If only.

(P.S. In no way am I saying that male victims of rape are any less victims of rape than women. And the above quote underneath the picture of the HOT guy, I'm asking him, too. Yeah.)

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