02 May 2012

Another Reason I Don't Want to be Pregnant

Hey guys! You probably don't know but I NEVER want to be pregnant. Never have, never will.
I'll list some reasons later, but here's a new one that I just discovered.
When pregnant, I get LESS rights than the already lousy rights I have now.
Here's the link >> http://www.thefrisky.com/2012-05-01/the-soapbox-in-america-we-treat-our-moms-like-second-class-citizens/

It's not that I ever decide to do drugs because personally, I never plan on doing so. I'm a hedonist, so I know that if I like it, I'll never stop. Anyways, what if I get slipped drugs or something and I never find out till the baby gets tested and comes out positive. Or something like that. Or I didn't know I was pregnant and had some pills or something. Seriously? This law is unfair. Already pregnant women have to go through with... well, PREGNANCY! And LABOR! It's so scary. So crappy. And now, we're getting less rights than we do now?

Yeah, I get it. The whole protecting potential little buggers. But my body IS MINE! Even while I have a fetus growing inside me. I'd like to be able to do what I like. Keep my choices (I'm VERY pro-choice). If I love this fetus, most likely I'd keep the fetus and not endanger said fetus.

GAH! I can't continue.

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