04 June 2012

I Want a Wife

Let me just start out by saying, I am straight. Yup. Straight. Sure, there are times when I appreciate the beauty of a woman's body. Her silhouette. The curves and straights of it all. The way it works. I have an artistic mind and I have been caught staring at women's butts as I fantasized about the best way to sketch them out on paper. Women have such lovely bodies.

But as a straight woman, I have no desire to kiss the soft, plush lips of another woman, or feel her slender, delicate fingers skid across my clitoris. And I know it sounds like I do, but just writing that has slightly grossed me out. It would've grossed me out more, as I am straight, but I'm not as affected by things as I used to be.

So anyways, if I had to have a spouse, I'd want a wife. Not one of them wage-earning, modern feminist types either, but the meek, traditional one. Yup. I do not want a husband who would expect from me a smidgen of what I would expect from my wife. I'd like a wife and maybe a beau on the side as well, and she can have one too, because I do want some cock in my life.

But generally, I want that traditional wife who'll serve me up some yum yum when I get home from work. I want that wife who'll clean the house and do the laundry. Who, if we had children (which I'd maybe, maybe consider if I didn't do the birthing or the majority of the taking care of), would be the one to get them ready for school and watch over them, wipe their asses and generally take care of them.

Yup. That's what I'd want if I had to choose.

(Ehh... here's me kind of apologizing/explaining myself again. As an equal opportunist, I don't find anything wrong with wanting to be, and then becoming, the traditional wife. I just don't want to be one. But if you did, good luck. I wish you the best.)

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