14 June 2012

No Abortions for Military Rape Victims

Let's all agree that abortion for raped women should be accessible and affordable to all. Even my highly conservative and religious friends, and even my mother!, agree on this. But, you're entitled to your own opinion...

Anyways, guess what. Not only is it not affordable for many raped women, it is extremely hard to get for women serving in the military. It is very costly, not covered by their health insurance, and can be extremely dangerous, especially if they're stationed in places like Afghanistan where health care isn't very advanced. And some places, abortion is inaccessible because it's illegal or highly, more highly than here, discouraged there. These are military women. Soldiers. And it's estimated that hundreds, and probably more, get raped every year by fellow soldiers.

Even if this article isn't exactly about the rape of soldiers by soldiers, let me address that these 'heroes', these men that are 'serving' our country and who we look up to are raping their fellow soldiers who are risking their lives to serve our country. War, fighting, death is bad enough, but then we throw in the trauma of rape and the inability to feel safe among their fellow workers. How horrible is that situation? Okay. I'm done.

I think abortion should be accessible for everyone. And it somewhat is, in the United States. Sure, us women have to face discrimination, and a lot of times, it costs too much. And we also have to take into account that some doctors LIE to us to prevent us from getting abortions, but at least it's accessible... kind of.

Why shouldn't it be as accessible, if not more, to the women who are 'serving' the country. They are serving the government for as little as $18,000 a year. They deserve, if not from us then from at least the government who they are serving, as many rights as the people who live in the United States. The government should pay for abortion, whatever the reason, including if the woman was raped. They should give it to these women without question.

And let's not even get into how hard it is to be pregnant and a mother in the military.

There's this story mentioned in the article about a young woman who was stationed in Korea. She was raped and unable to get an abortion. Eventually she was fired, even though she was going to be a career soldier, and had a miscarriage. No women, no person, should have to face that.

The Republican Senators are stopping the accessibility of abortion to women who were raped from happening.

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