02 June 2012

Republican Wants to Hurl Acid On Democratic Women

This is so disturbing.

So the basic gist of this is that a Republican spokesman or official or whatever thought it'd be funny to say that they should hurl (not just throw, but hurl) acid on Democratic women for supporting an act that is supposed to give women the opportunity to get equal pay as their male counterparts. Let me just say that whether or not he said it in a joke, it is not funny to throw acid on anyone. I'd be the first one to laugh at insensitive, racist, or sexist jokes if they were truly funny and meant as jokes. But this. Just... wow.

Even before I knew that throwing acid on women for acting out against social norms/traditions/ or even to dare refuse a man's proposal was common, it was not funny. And now knowing this, it's still not funny. In fact, it's horrifying.

Do we really want people who think like this governing our country? People who would disregard the cruelty of others by tossing it off as a cruel joke? Would we want our sisters, mothers, daughters, nieces, cousins, etc to have to face this disdain and disrespect?

For daring to stand up for something they believed in, a Republican spokesman made a joke to hurl acid on Democratic women. (And they say they're not waging a war on women. Pssh.)

While true that the Democrats, even though they support the equal pay for equal work act, don't implement this ideal in their own salaries, it does not mean that the women should be thrown acid at. If this act was to be passed, I think the women in the Democratic party would get equal pay, too. And the study that showed that there was a pay gap when it came to gender did not include things like location of work, experience, etc. Which is important, because, let's face it. Men have been working in politics for longer than women. And one of the most important factors in determining one's wage is experience.

And even if they're not supporting this act within their own group, at least they're supporting it for people like you and me, while the Republicans don't support it at all.

So before you vote, think, who's best for me and the ones I care for?

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