16 June 2012

What Makes Me a Woman

My vagina.

Not my love of shoes. Not my caring nature. Not the roundness of my boobs or the slimness of my waist. Not the weakness of my muscles nor the intelligence, or lack thereof, in my brain. Not my tendency to cringe at certain levels of grossness, nor the amount of times I cry. It's not my preference of men that makes me a female.

I'm no less of a female because I don't want children. I'm no less of a female if I was really good at sports. If I could win an arm wrestle with a man, it doesn't mean I'm not a woman (and he's no less of a man if he had lost). And just because I'm comfortable farting in public does not make me any less of a woman (although I don't because I have to be sensible to other people's... sensibilities).

There's no certain rules or requirements to be a certain gender, other than one we can't really control. Whether we have the proper sexual organs. Sometimes we have both, which makes us both genders. And maybe there's someone out there with neither, which probably makes them none of those.

I'm a female because I have a vagina.

And what makes a male a male?

His dick.

Not because he is strong. Nor because he 'can't' control his sex drive. He's not male because he has abs. Nor is his intelligence or stoicism the reason he is male.

He is male because he has a dick.

My inspiration came from this article :

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